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Testing colourfastness & shrinkage of our new Handloom Cotton

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I wanted to find out how colour-fast and shrink resistant the Handloom cotton fabrics of ZAHAARA Sanctuary's new Ethnic Range were... It actually surprised me to find out that while being so vibrant and colourful, they are actually colourfast. Also, being cotton, they shrink rather minimally. Please see the testing below:

I put pieces of fabric in soapy water. Ruffled, soaked and left them for some time...The water remained clear. 

Measured and soaked another piece. As seen below it measured 6.05 inches.

Water is still clear... left them soaking for some time...

Took out the maroon piece... as I didn't have the patience to wait till it dries... I squeezed it well, and ironed it. Then measured as below. This time it measured 5.9 inches. So, 6.05 inches has shrunk only 0.15 inches. I believe that is really good for cotton! :) 


WATERPROOF or WATER-RESISTANT? Outdoor Cushion/Bean Bag Covers

A lady recently asked me, "I keep my outdoor cushions in the patio. There is a roof. When raining, there maybe some drizzle on the cushions... Do I need to buy waterproof throw pillow covers or would water resistant once be fine?"Firstly, I feel this is a very sensible question! I think this question is [...]

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Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Floor Cushions and Bean Bags - Our First.

The very first of a new range to come... Indoor/Outdoor waterproof Floor Cushions and Bean bags are in the product list at ZAHAARA Sanctuary for the very first time. I love the concept of floor cushions/bean bags... because it takes us back to basics. You are more free with the basics... I have chosen my [...]

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Oblong Cushions / Rectangular Throw pillow cases - New colours

We felt special when a lovely customer from Puerto Rico purchasing our Orange oblong pillow case asked if we had grey ones in the same pattern.... We felt special again when a lovely customer from Australia wanted a green oblong cushion cover with the same had detailed pattern. So we thought we will cherish the [...]

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Red Throw Pillows - a face-lift to an inherited day bed

All it really needed was some colour... I used red, beige and coral modern throw pillows to bring this inherited day bed in to "now". This day bed was from my husband's grand dad. I think it was quite cool for its time in the early 1990's. At the start I was very skeptical when [...]

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Real people, Real homes...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful space with us! The best reward is to see where our lovely cushion covers now call home... Thanks to our precious customers from around the world who took a moment to share the joy with us. Odessa outdoor cushion resting happily in this amazing floating Gazebo in Australia.  Abagail cushions bringing [...]

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ZAHAARA Sanctuary in the Press

Without having sought it out, we were so lucky to have been featured in Green Lifestyle Magazine, Australia and Courier Mail, Queensland, Australia... Thank you so much! We feel truly blessed. Abagail, our original design waterproof outdoor cushion cover in Courier Mail, Queensland - HOME magazine.Calypso, one from our first range made with designer fabric imported [...]

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Few months back, we sold out our most popular original design outdoor cushion covers... Nara (Turquoise), Adalie (Orange) and Abagail (Yellow) to name them. We were in a rush to re-stock. My manufacturer was messaging me to remind me just that. However, I put the new order on hold and dived in to something that I didn't quite anticipate. I [...]

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Bold & Vibrant Home Decor: Cobalt Blue and Orange

Just like the expression of the bird above, Orange and Cobalt Blue colour combination in home decor is daring & direct. It does not shy away from contrasting colours... Orange and Blue are opposites on the colour wheel and creates a striking energetic effect when paired together. We see this beautiful colour combination appearing quite [...]

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Throw Pillows: Mixing patterns and shapes to create interest

I find that throw pillows have the ability to instantly make any atmosphere fun, playful, casual and interesting. That’s possibly why we love them at our homes, the top home décor magazines have embraced them and the best interior designers have hugged them tight.With their popularity it is no surprise that we have scatter cushions [...]

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