C4 Value-add: Comfort, Convenience, Colour and Culture.

C4 Value-add: Comfort, Convenience, Colour and Culture.

ZAHAARA Sanctuary on 13th Aug 2019

The new ethnic range handloom cotton bean bags by ZAHAARA Sanctuary are much loved for...


of 100% cotton against your body and the luxury of the beans wrapping around you taking the shape of your posture to support you. 


of just removing the outer cover and chucking it in the washing machine... Thanks to the waterproof inner case which will keep all the beans in place. No more battling with beans that have a mind of their own. And the convenience of taking this light-weight seat/lounger with you wherever you wish to relax. 


a vareity of bright & trendy colours to choose from to accent or blend in with your precious home. 


proud to present you with handloom cotton an age-old hand weaving tradition of Sri Lanka. This fabric is woven with a hand operated machine. Predominantly done by women in households, choosing handloom cotton empowers women of Sri Lanka. 

ZAHAARA Sanctuary Handloom Cotton Bean Bags