Red Throw Pillows - a face-lift to an inherited day bed

ZAHAARA Sanctuary on 26th Jan 2018

All it really needed was some colour... I used red, beige and coral modern throw pillows to bring this inherited day bed in to "now". This day bed was from my husband's grand dad. I think it was quite cool for its time in the early 1990's. At the start I was very skeptical when my husband said he would bring in an inherited day bed. Only because I hate cluttering the house (my sincere apologies to grand-dad-in-law). But when it came, it just fit right in, as if it was home! Originally it was upholstered with a beige patterned fabric.... We re-upholstered it (with a staple gun) with this gorgeous cream coloured fabric.

Then of course I had to add some colour... That's where the throw pillows came in. The cushion covers are from my own ZAHAARA Sanctuary range - Sahara selection to be specific. I used the samples.... that's why the beige colour is slightly "more-beige" in these than the final sahara range where the beige is more of a refined tone closer to "sand colour". 

At the end this became my favourite place to sit with a cuppa..., or just lie down for a quick day dream...! The Sahara Range red/coral throw pillows went so well with the reddish wood of this inherited day bed.... When I walk past, the colourful cushions make my otherwise white and beige home so much more exciting and pleasant.