I wanted to find out how colour-fast and shrink resistant the Handloom cotton fabrics of ZAHAARA Sanctuary's new Ethnic Range were... It actually surprised me to find out that while being so vibrant and colourful, they are actually colourfast. Also, being cotton, they shrink rather minimally. Please see the testing below:

I put pieces of fabric in soapy water. Ruffled, soaked and left them for some time...The water remained clear. 

Measured and soaked another piece. As seen below it measured 6.05 inches.

Water is still clear... left them soaking for some time...

Took out the maroon piece... as I didn't have the patience to wait till it dries... I squeezed it well, and ironed it. Then measured as below. This time it measured 5.9 inches. So, 6.05 inches has shrunk only 0.15 inches. I believe that is really good for cotton! :)