Ultra Violet Home Decor

Ultra Violet Home Decor

ZAHAARA Sanctuary on 1st Jan 2019

Ultra Violet is Pantone colour of the year 2018. However, compared to the many lighthearted, playful tones that we home makers have been working with recently, this colour is deep and very powerful. Seen paired with it often are deep jewel tones such as teal, darker shades of blue, hot pink, green and brass.

Image courtesy deardesigner.co.uk

If you are not in to the idea of making your entire home embrace the mystique shades of purple and blue, this shade can be introduced as low-commitment home accents. 

ZAHAARA Sanctuary's Lavender Affair waterproof outdoor fabric was inspired by Ultra Violet - colour of the year. It is available now as throw pillows and as a bean bag

I would complement this with a vase of lavenders, and balance it out with green. Green to bring this "out of this world" shade back to earth. 

Image from zahaarasanctuary.com